Human Organ Transportation

Human Organ Transportation


Medical Transportation Service understands the importance and time-sensitivity of transplant Human organ transportation. Our drivers and couriers follow the strict protocols set by organ banks to ensure a safe transfer of harvested organs and timely deliveries. Learn more about our Organ Transplant Transportation services below or request a quote today!

Types of Human Organ for Transportation

Medical Transportation Services has the ability to pick up and deliver the following Human Organ Transportation in a safe and speedy manor:
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Corneas & other bodily tissues
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Time-Sensitive Human Organ Transportation
Medical Transportation Service knows that speed and safety are top priorities for transplant organ delivery and courier services, especially with time limits for organ transplant viability. Our extensive network of hub locations and dedicated routes allows for a two-hour delivery window in 39 states for organ transplant transportation.

Our Vehicles

Company-Owned, Temperature-Controlled Vehicles
One of the biggest advantages of choosing Medical Transportation Service as your Human Organ Transportation provider is the assured safety operating company-owned vehicles with a top-performance guarantee. With 24/7 service, there’s no wait time for Medical Transportation Service to procure a vehicle from a third party.

We know that temperature control is particularly important for transplant organ delivery to keep materials safe and viable for transplant. Once an Organ Transplant Transportation service request is submitted, our drivers pick up dry ice, if needed, before picking up the organ so there are no gaps in the cool conditions. We Obtain small Styrofoam and hard-shell coolers in which to transport organs if required by the hospital. Organ transplant cases are clearly marked “Biohazard” in orange and black lettering.

Our Drivers 

Medical Transportation Service is Hazardous Materials Certified for Maximum Safety
Meticulous attention to detail is critical in handling transplant organs, which is why all of Medical Transportation Service’s employees are required to pass Hazmat background checks, and all drivers must have a Hazmat endorsement on their Commercial Driver’s License (CDL). This specialized training prepares our team for the safe handling of transplant organs. Learn more about our certifications for safety compliance.

Hours 24/7

When can Medical Transportation Service pick up an Human Organ Transportation ready for transplant?
We know that organs can become available for transplant at any time and that quick transport time is absolutely critical in such cases. Our human Organ Transplant Transportation service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

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Medical Transportation Service is a medical courier with over 40 years of experience in time-sensitive shipments and delivering life-saving medications and organs in the most urgent of time frames. All of our drivers are Hazmat-certified, and we work to comply with OSHA, BBP, HIPAA, and USDOT regulations in order to provide fast, efficient, and safe Organ Transplant Transportation services.

Tracking at all times with GPS

Human Organ Transportation
Human Organ Transportation

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