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Phoenix, Arizona

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Generally, Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) is defined as a transportation service provided to individuals who are not currently experiencing an emergency but need more assistance than a taxi service can provide.  Often, patients require specially equipped vehicles to accommodate their mobility needs, including crutches, wheelchairs, stretchers, or other special requirements. At Medical Transportation Service, we provide all transportation services that allow for comfortable and efficient curb-to-curb pick-up and drop-off.
As a core solution, NEMT is for patients allowing them to access valuable and essential healthcare and participate in their own recovery.  The patient most often initiates transportation services through transportation brokers who schedule the appropriate trips.  This link will connect you with your county broker; please tell them your preferred provider is Agape Transportation (also known as Agape Luxury Cars).
For emergencies and life-threatening illnesses or injuries, patients should call 911.

Phoenix, Arizona

For scheduled medical appointments, punctuality is key and our drivers respect the time of both, the client and their medical institution. We strive to guarantee that you arrive at any facility in our operating area on or before your scheduled appointment time.
In addition to our unmatched efficiency, Medical Transportation Service, provides top-notch passenger comfort, safety, and courtesy. We are a world-class solution for those people that have limitations when getting to and from essential medical appointment

Phoenix, Arizona


Non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) includes transportation services offered to patients and healthcare consumers who face extraordinary barriers getting to their medical appointments
Working with state agencies, payers, health systems, transportation providers and healthcare professionals, we coordinate supportive care solutions for every member. While some members visit the same facility for dialysis treatments three times a week, other members may need assistance from multiple healthcare professionals. As a transportation broker truly committed to serving members with compassion and excellence, we work with these organizations and others to ensure members get where they need to go in a timely, safe and cost-effective manner.
20% of a person’s health and well-being can be improved simply by access to care and quality services. This, seemingly, isn’t a complex task, but many people don’t have access to consistent, safe rides to healthcare appointments. That’s where we come in.

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